The Sonoita area market continues to be active and strong

I am happy to see the Sonoita real estate market continue to be very strong. Land sales, units, continue to exceed home sales indicating the lack of available home inventory in the prime price range of $200,000 to $400,000. Home sales are currently running at an annual rate of 79 units which would end up […]

The Sonoita real estate market looks very strong

This is a great area for horse people - and horses

The first four months of this year were the best in some time in the Sonoita area real estate market. For example, 28 lots of varying sizes sold and that is as many as have sold in one year recently! At that rate, there could be as many lots sold this year as there were […]

Distressed properties

I only have an occasional buyer looking for a distressed or bank owned property. The truth is there are not ever more than one or two in the Sonoita market. Those that do pop up tend to be real disasters and few people are prepared to undertake such a project. However, I thought it might […]

Sawmill Fire

Posted below is a recent news broadcast about the state of the #Sawmill #Fire and the costs incurred in fighting it. Needless to say it was one of the largest wildland fires in this area having burned 46,000 or so acres at a cost of over $5,000,000. Accidentally started by a careless target shooter. Fortunately, […]